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Autumn is a great time for landscape photographers as nature in temperate temperature zones treats us to a brief glimpse at multicolor season farewell. The seasonal biochemical changes behind the fall colors are in large part influenced by increasing night durations. As length of night increases, production of chlorophyll responsible for green colors slows down, stops and chlorophyll is destroyed. This unmasks carotenoids (yellow, orange, and brown colors) and anthocyanins (red, purple, and blue). This amazing spectacle doesn't require exotic or unique locations, nor a special equipment. It takes place everywhere around us and the only caveat is to capture the fleeting phenomenon at right times. The images below were captured with my cell phone (Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge) and my mirrorless camera (Sony A7Rii) at a small regional park near my house in Maryland just outside of DC.

The beauty of autumn colors is further enhanced by symmetry of reflection, as are other photographic subjects. The colors seen and reflected here include various shades of orange, yellow, green etc. as juxtaposed to a blue sky.

The color changes are not simultaneous. Trees change colors at different rates and times and changes even on the same tree take place at different rates. Oak trees start changing their leaf colors to red, brown and russet long after rest of the trees have undergone their transition.

It is pleasing and more rare to find adjacent trees at different stage of seasonal change, each with unique autumn shade as seen below, orange, yellow and green.

In addition to seasonal colors and reflection, lighting always plays a major role in the spectacle. The below image was captured at early morning with sun just coming out and painting the sky and highlighting tops of some trees.

However, as mentioned previously, the color display is brief and colors and leaves start deteriorating and falling off.

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