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Spring in Washington, DC signifies cherry blossoms and vice versa. Appearance and peak of cherry blossoms is an annual, anxiously awaited event attracting hundreds of thousands tourists. The event dates back to 1912 when the Tokyo mayor donated 3,020 cherry trees of 12 varieties to Washington, DC as a gesture of friendship. Currently, Yoshino (single white blossom) and Kwanzan (clear pink double blossom clusters) remain the most abundant with Kwanzan blooming couple weeks after the Yoshino variety. Cherry Blossom festival which was started couple decades later now accompanies the tree blooming and has stretched to a two week city wide celebration including parade, Sakura Matsuri – Japanese Street Festival, Japanese film festival, kite flying, walks and runs, Japanese plum wine tasting, and fireworks. Some of my favorite images of this nature extravaganza are presented below.

Cherry blossoms

Cherry blossom trees

Cherry blossoms at blue hour

Tidal Basin cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms in front of Washington

Cherry blossoms over Jefferson

Cherry blossoms over Jefferson - faux color IR

Cherry blossom trees by Jefferson

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