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Updated: Aug 24

La Corbiere lighthouse, the first concrete lighthouse, can be found above very treacherous waters and rocky terrain at the far southwest point of St. Brelade, Jersey of the Channel Islands. The lighthouse has been operational since 1874 and was automated more recently in 1976. It used to be an area where crows nested which gave rise to its name. However, crows are gone now and one finds seagulls instead. Like the more famous Mont Saint-Michel, the lighthouse sits strategically on a tidal island which connects to mainland via a causeway.

The lighthouse is 62 ft high atop steps from the causeway.

The lighthouse is perched on a rocky cliff 120 ft above high tide marks and is only accessible by land via the causeway during low tides. Its reflections can be seen in water puddles after receding high tide.

The lighthouse beam is visible up to 18 nautical miles.

The lighthouse is one of the most popular points of interest on Jersey but is not accessible by land during the rising tide. Alarm sounds with impending tide to warn the visitors.

At high tides, the causeway from the shore to the lighthouse is totally submerged and the water is even up to the the retaining wall.

The lighthouse is one of the most popular points of interest on Jersey and provides a great venue to watch the sunset.

As the day transitions into the blue hour period, the lighthouse still offers a calm, colorful scene.

Special thanks to Andy Habin of Fototonic Tours for his and their invaluable assistance and guidance with locations, arrangements and photography.

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